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English name: Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder
Latin name: Tribulus terrester Linn
Extraction source: Tribulus Terrestris
Appearance: Brown powder
Test Method: UV
Smell: Distinct sporadic bitterness
Molecular formula: C51H84O22
Chemical composition: Tribulus saponins

What is Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder?

Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder is extracted from Tribulus Terrestris and has brown powder appearance.The Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder saponins in the extract of Tribulus Terrestris has the function of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, resisting arteriosclerosis, resisting aging and strengthening. It contains peroxidase decomposition enzyme, has obvious anti-aging effect, can improve the body immunity.

What is the function of Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder?

1. Promotes muscle strength:

The use of Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder as a substitute can improve protein synthesis and maintain nitrogen balance, which is beneficial to muscle growth and body strength of athletes, and can quickly reduce muscle tension and make it recover.

2. Cholesterol-lowering effect:

Several research institutes belonging to the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Society have shown through pharmacological and clinical studies on the extract of Tribulus Terrestris that it can reduce the content of cholagistasis, prevent the increase of blood cholesterol and inhibit the decline of the ratio of lecithin cholesterol. Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder also inhibit lipid deposition in arteries, myocardium and liver

3. Improve heart function:

Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder contains a lot of natural saponins, as well as flavonoids, when it was absorbed by the body, dilate coronary arteries and nourish the heart muscle, improving heart function. At the same time it can promote the secretion of adrenal hormone, improve the human body platelets contain tryptophan food activity, can prevent thrombosis. Insist on taking this traditional Chinese medicine can prevent heart function decline, reduce the incidence of arrhythmia and myocardial ischemia

4. Antibacterial and antiviral:

Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder is high in alkaloids and phenolic compounds, which are natural and medicinal compounds that can kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria in the body, including Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. And it inhibits the activity of viruses such as influenza and hepatitis B, preventing them from damaging human cells. It can also be purified after processing Chinese patent medicine, in clinical can be used for human enteritis, diarrhea and upper respiratory tract infection and other diseases, the treatment effect is particularly good.


1. In the field of medicine and health care products:

Bulk Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder is made into capsules, tablets, particles and so on, mainly used for tonifying kidney and spleen, anti-aging, improving body immunity and so on.

2. In the field of food

It mainly as a variety of drinks, wine, food additives, with improving immunity and anti-aging effect.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat

Shelf time: 2 years

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